7 essentials of a kitchen plan

7 essentials of a kitchen plan 24 Feb
When it comes to kitchen, you need the structure, capacity and configuration to work in a state of harmony to make a space that is most appropriate for one of the main workhorse spaces in your home. Let’s look at 7 essentials you must look forward to in your kitchen design.

1.      Proper Lighting

Much the same as a safe and balanced breakfast, your kitchen requires the right balance of lighting to get you on the right track to achieve the day's tasks. From homework, to list-making to actual cooking and meal preparations, the kitchen is a real workhorse in the home. The best possible lighting blend will ensure its fit for all those.

2.      Appropriate ventilation

Ventilation is the single-most important factor in any design and construction. Without adequate ventilation and supply of clean air, no kitchen will operate efficiently. A kitchen ventilation should be designed in such a way that introduces ample clean air and remove excess hot and oily air.

3.      Ample storage space

Storage space inside kitchen is a perpetual concern. Regardless of the size of the kitchen or number of cabinets, it is not easy to have sufficient for all the things that fills a kitchen.

One way to think about storage is to divide the kitchen into zones and maximize the vertical and horizontal space in each area. The range or oven area is the cooking zone, for example. One important storage feature for that zone is the pullout drawer, which is a more accessible and convenient way of kitchen storage. Other solutions are deep cabinet drawers next to a stove, cabinet dividers for cleaning supplies along with small drawers next to sink etc. But again the space requirement will be different according to the usage frequency, shopping habits etc. For ex: if you are a gourmet cook, you need extra shelves for spices and large drawers for pots and pans and if you buy things in large quantities, you require more cabinet and pantry space as compared to ones who shop every 2-3 days.

4.      Anti-slip tiles

In a kitchen, where there is every possibility for spilling water on the floor, tiles with anti slip coating or mat finish is a must as the flooring option to prevent accidents. They are vastly better than tiles with no anti-slip coating or glossy tiles due to its variety and versatility, and hence are the obvious choice for kitchen flooring

5.       Sufficient power sockets

Think of the day when you realize different electric appliances in the kitchen are playing back-and-forth for the only available power socket. Or on the other hand, socket for an apparatus is set far away from itself. While you could have a limited number of power sockets in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to be aware of their ideal placements and the equipments you are planning to use in your kitchen.

6.       Gadgets and accessories to make it efficient

From measuring to scooping to essentially self-cooking, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories that are well-poised to become your kitchen companions like mixer and blender, knife set, microwave oven etc. You should use right mix of these tools to make the work in kitchen efficient and fun-filled.

7.      Not too many open shelves

Too many open shelves could be a hot mess in your kitchen. If the items and utensils don’t match or coordinate with one another, your open shelves will look untidy and hence the décor altogether. In addition to this, heat in the kitchen causes the dirt and dust in the air to stick to exposed items in the open shelves which results in the need of frequent washing and cleaning of the shelves and items in it.

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