Terms & Conditions

Architect & Designer

1. Reinvent Homez is responsible for procuring contracts. Contracts may range from complete renovation/construction of house to single room/kitchen/bathroom etc
2. You will earn 3% of Total Contract Value (contract value means price before tax). More typical and tedious work and more is revenue.
3. Payout will be paid within 7 days of final possession of site to customer.
4. Responsibility as Interior Designer
 a. Providing complete 2D drawings like layout, plumbing, electrical, false ceiling, kitchen, wardrobes, wood work etc. for the assignment.
 b. Assisting clients in selection of various designs like false ceiling, LCD Units, Wardrobes etc.
 c. Assisting clients in selection of various items, colours like tile, sanitary fittings, furniture, paint etc. This may include visiting with clients to various showrooms.
 d. Visiting site to see that the work is carried out as per designs and in case of deviation intimating same to site supervisor and execution head.
 e. Directly interacting with customer
5. You as designer are not responsible for execution of site directly. Reinvent Homez has in-house team to successfully handle same. However, you are suggested to visit the site regularly to see finish of designs. We donot expect you to deal with labour contractor etc.
6. You may refer an assignment to Reinvent Homez and earn additional 1% of contract value.
7. There may be a situation wherein you have already bagged an assignment and involving Reinvent Homez for execution of assignment. In such case

Refer and Earn

The Offer is applicable for:
 1. Refer your friend to Reinvent Homez for renovation assignment.
 2. Incentive gets due after deal is matured between Reinvent Homez and friend referred.
 3. There is no minimum order value.
 4. Offer is not valid on purchase of furniture only.
 5. Incentive is paid within 7 days of handing over of possession of site to friend referred.
 6. Incentive is payable if customer enters CODE emailed while filling the online form.